Paying tribute to Ruth Perry

Trigger warning: discussion of suicide Although there are times when it may not feel it, I think head teachers are generally well respected across society. They certainly deserve respect. I’ve worked with leaders in most sectors and have rarely seen roles of such breadth, complexity and impact. And backed by so little resource. Every head […]

Sarah Everard and Meghan Markle

Warning: this post discusses violence against women. The clash of hope and despair this week, between the celebration of International Women’s Day, the Meghan Markle interview and the murder of Sarah Everard, feels so stark. It is clear from talking to friends, family and colleagues that Sarah’s murder is an extreme end of a continuum […]

Thank you

We hear a lot about competition and rivalry in education, about heated debate and disagreement. Beneath all that, education is basically full of outstanding people trying to do the right thing with the limited resources that they have available. I know Teach First can be a bit marmite. And we often plough our furrow in […]

The murder of George Floyd

Another black man was killed by police in the US. His name is George Floyd. The protection and security that I take for granted too often operate against black people. This is not confined to the US. It’s hard to truly hear people when your position and experience is different from their own; from a […]