Digital access

Kit is not enough and not all access is good. We must solve three new challenges: the context in which digital technology is used, the purposes it is used for and the chance to distribute opportunity and hope more widely across the country.


Too much writing, particularly at work, is a form of ritual, hollowed of meaning. The transmission of purpose, the changing of minds or the spur to action is an afterthought…

Sarah Everard and Meghan Markle

Warning: this post discusses violence against women. The clash of hope and despair this week, between the celebration of International Women’s Day, the Meghan Markle interview and the murder of Sarah Everard, feels so stark. It is clear from talking to friends, family and colleagues that Sarah’s murder is an extreme end of a continuum…

Which schools should we emulate?

Through a high stakes and narrowly quantified definition of performance, we allow institutions to appear that they are high performing by externalising some of their true costs: they make other actors in the system pay some of the price for their results…

Storming the citadel of liberty

It is hard to process the images and events coming from the US at the moment. President Elect Joe Biden called it an assault on the citadel of liberty. In ancient times, strongholds most commonly fell to internal treachery: someone had to open the gates…


The practical value and harm of a measurement system does not seem solely tied to its validity. It is equally dependent on the consequences attached to the measurement.


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